Yoga, Breathing and Meditation For Mental Health

Update: Right now there are no workshops scheduled for 2019. Here is an example of one that was done recently. On February 28th, I’ll be giving a 3 CEU workshop on the use of Yoga, Meditation and Breathing for the relief of anxiety, depression and stress issues for social workers, mental health counselors, marriage and family therapists and anyone interested in learning these tools. . Also, I have a 3 CEU Online Course on Yoga, Meditation and Breathing for Depression, Anxiety and Stress you can read about here . The online course gives credits to social workers, psychologists, mental health counselors, nurses and other professionals so if you are out of state or unable to make the live workshop, you can take the online course.

The live 3 CEU workshop will be held at the Boca Raton Community Center from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm on February 28th. Cost is $30.00 for 3 CEU credits for social workers, mental health counselors and marriage and family therapists. It is also open to others wishing to learn these techniques. Please contact me at 954 567-8442 or at for more information. Other 2015 workshop dates are also being finalized around South Florida. Both the online and live courses are accepted by the board for license renewals.


In this 3 hour experiential workshop you will learn effective techniques to help clients with racing thoughts, insomnia, feelings of hopelessness, negative self-statements, low energy, mild depression and poor self-image.

Participants will practice the postures, concentration exercises and breathing methods to personally experience the calmness and clarity that results from balancing the glandular system and strengthening the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

We’ll also look at case studies and ways to apply these methods with specific types of situations. There are specific sequences that are designed to master intrusive thoughts, reduce feelings of despondency and to increase hope, energy and confidence. We will study and apply these methods.

You do NOT have to have any background in yoga or be a therapist and the poses, breathing as well as meditations can be done in a chair.

This workshop will assist counselors to learn specific techniques for helping clients with mood elevation as well as be a way to gain tools for self-renewal. We’ll be practicing specific breaths, meditations and poses and learn sequences to apply in clinical settings with clients.

I have received the Kundalini Research Institute teaching certification I as well as KRI level II (in Conscious Communication) as taught by Yogi Bhajan from psychologist Dr. Gurucharan Khalsa. My background also includes courses in hatha yoga, Sivananda yoga, mindfulness meditation and Himalayan Institute workshops.

Please call me at (954) 567-8442 or send me an e-mail at with any questions. You can be totally new to yoga and do not have to be flexible. This workshop has been accepted by NBCC for 3 continuing education hours. My Florida LCSW number is 5407 and the NBCC SP-2115. Out of state therapists are approved in many states for continuing ed credits, so if you are visiting Florida you can check with your own board.

The Florida Board of Social Work, Marriage and Family Counselors and Mental Health Counseling approves and accepts these credits to meet state requirements. License renewals in Florida are due on March 31, 2015 and thirty credits must be completed every two years.

I am keeping this affordable at $30.00 for those needing the CEU credits and at $25.00 for all others attending. It is open to 20 to 30 people. Please note that the paypal link below does NOT require you to use a paypal account because they have an option where you can use a credit card instead.

Here is the payment button for those wishing to get the 3 CEU credits and receive a certificate. Thirty continuing education credits are due every 2 years. The cost is $30.00 and you will receive the signed certificate at the end of the workshop. Pre-Registration is required to attend:

Note: If you are attending and are NOT going to be receiving the CEU credits, the fee for the workshop is $25.00 You can use this link below: Click below if you wish to attend and do not need the CEU credits:

The address where the February 28th workshop will be held is at:

Boca Raton Community Center
150 Crawford Blvd
Boca Raton, FL 33432

If you wish to pay by check, please contact me and we can make arrangements for this.

For those wishing to read more about the online home study course 3 CEU credit course for psychologists, nurses, social workers, mental health counselors and other professionals on this topic click here. Note that the online course is approved by the APA, ANCC and other boards. I am also available for workshops at your place of employment and provide group as well as 1-1 sessions for those looking for something customized that is the marriage of mental health insights with yoga, breathing and meditation techniques.

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